Boat to Koh Kood: How to book speedboat tickets and pay

At this time the Siriwhite Speedboats and Laem Sok Group speedboat companies can only accept payments for tickets by credit card online, via the service, or via direct bank deposit, ATM transfer or Internet Banking transfer for Thai Residents. You can find details for both options on our booking confirmations.

Booking boat tickets online and obtaining them

Booking boat tickets online is required to ensure that you will have a seat on the speed boats to and from Ko Kut and Ko Mak, at the time and date of your choosing. To do so, we ask you to fill out our form on the Laem Sok to Koh Koh Kood Boat Booking page. After we receive this booking, we will respond with a confirmation by return e-mail, usually within 18 hours, in which we will request an online payment. Please make sure that both our e-mail address as well as our e-mail addresses will not be blocked by your (provider's) spam filters and / or regularly check your spam box, as due to the standard layout of, and the words in, our confirmations, they are often mistaken for SPAM messages.

Once you receive our confirmation message and follow the link in that to (successfully) pay for the tickets online, your booking will become a reservation. If time allows for it, we will then send you a voucher via e-mail after 2 or 3 working days. You can use this voucher to exchange it for actual boat tickets at our Siriwhite ticket booth or, when coming from Koh Kood or Koh Mak, with the driver of the speedboat or his assistant.

Last minute bookings

As we are still in the process of tweaking our booking system, we currently do not offer an automated way in which you can buy speedboat tickets from Trat online for travel within the next 2 or 3 days. If you require tickets on such short notice, please contact us via the online chat option near the top of this page or, if all operators are sleeping and the button is not showing, via the e-mail address that is listed below.

Cancellations and Refunds

Due to the small fare, all tickets purchases are strictly non-refundable. International bank charges are usually double of that of the cost of a ticket and only accidental double payments via credit card can be reversed. Only if there is a large number of tickets purchased in a single batch, you can contact our offices to discus possible other options.

Arrivals and Delays

Note that the speedboats to and from the islands in the Koh Chang archipelago will have to leave on schedule at all times. Requests to wait a few minutes, can sometimes be honored, but delays of more than 10 minutes can not. Note that, typically, it takes up to 45 minutes from Trat City to our pier.