How to get to the speed boat piers in Laem Sok & Koh Kood

Because a speedboat engine still burns a lot more gasoline per Km. or nautical sea mile than the average car, bus or minibus does, with all the consequences to our planet, sea and nature, we try to land and depart from locations that are as economical and thus environment friendly as possible. So if getting to those piers may sometimes seem to take a bit longer than you thought necessary, please remember that it is all done the make less of an impact on the local and global enviroment.

By Car from Bangkok

Driving down from Bangkok or most other cities in Bangkok can be done following the directions on: Google maps directions to Laem Sok from Suvarnabhumi AirportOnsite Secure parking in available @ 50 baht / night.

Free shuttle service from Trad

To ensure that you won't be burdened with an extra charge from what you though to be a point of departure (Trat city), a free shuttle service to Laem Sok / Siriwhite speedboats by "Song Teaw" is available from the parking next to the police post opposite the Krung Thai Bank in the center of Trat city and from any hotel, guesthouse or resort in Trad City or on the route between Laem Sok and the city center, at 07:00 and 11:30.

Airport pick ups

Trat Airport. Pick ups from Trat Airport are not free, as the airport isn't actually located in or near Trat, but more towards the Koh Chang ferries. We offer 3 types of pickups from the airport.

  • For larger families or people that enjoy the warm air: by Song Teaw (half open converted pick truck): 900 baht / way / car.
  • For couples or singles that travel light: by Toyota Vios: 1100 baht / way / car
  • For couples with one or two small children or that carry a lot of luggage: by Toyota Altis Limousine 1300 baht / way / car.
  • By private minibus: please visit the Trat Airport private minibus website

Suvarnabhumi Airport. Pick up's from Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport are currently 4300 baht for a Toyota Camry limousine or 5000 baht for a minibus and can be arranged via another member of the Siam Resorts Group: the Bangkok Limousines. Genarally speaking: if you want to make it to the islands the same day, your flight will have to land at Bangkok Airport before 07:00. If you arrive later, we can still offer you a relaxing & comfortable ride to the Siriwhite speedboat Lounge, where you can spend the night is one of our modest accommodations and enjoy a peace and quiet you won't easily find anywhere else. (that is until our people start putting the boats in the water in the morning). More information and pictures of the basic rooms are available on our stay in Trat page.

From Koh Kood to Laem Sok

There actually is a main pier on Koh Kood, like the one we use on Koh Mak, but as it's location on the island is somewhat difficult to get to and due to the fact that nearly all resorts worth mentioning have their own private pier, we collect our passenger right from the comforts of their own private pier. Just make sure that you have a confirmed booking and after breakfast you can sit and enjoy a last view of Koh Kood's crystal clear seas until you see one of our speedboats arrive.

Safe and Secure

All of the Siriwhite Speedboat and Laem Sok Group speedboat steersmen have undergone a stringent selection and screening process and pass regular health and driving skill checkup's by certified professionals to ensure the safety of our passengers at all times. All speed boats come with a sufficient number of life vest which passengers are encouraged to wear for the entire duration of the trip. Please refrain from using the driver as a source of information during the transfer. If you have any questions about point of interest or the name of an island, please check with your fellow passengers or get the attention of one of the mates on the boat, point to the island and ask: Koh Mak? or Koh Chang? and they will tell you which island it is. Unfortunately, besides "tickets (pls)" and the names of the resorts, they do not have much knowledge of the English or any other language, besides Thai and some Khmer (Cambodian).