Koh Kood Speedboat Services

By far the most comfortable way to travel between the Laem Sok pier, on the mainland near Trad city, to the tropical island of Koh Kood, also known as Koh Kut or Ko Kood, in the Koh Chang archipel in the east of Thailand.

Enjoy the excitement of travelling by fast new speedboats when you sail from the beautiful resort-like Siriwhite / Laem Sok Group speedboats lounge in Laem Sok to your private resort on Koh Kood island in only 60-90 minutes. The speed boat trip back from the resorts, starting from beautiful Ban Bao Bay on Koh Kood island, to the mainland usually takes only 10 minutes longer and you will find a free shuttle bus waiting to immediately take you back to Trat's City center or any hotel, resort or guesthouse in that center of town or the bus station.

Koh Kood Speedboat offer you this speed boat transfer service on behalf of the well respected and often praised Siri white Speedboats company and the Laem Sok Group Speed boats. These well known speedboat companies in Trad have been carrying people safely to and from Ko Kood for many years now, without any mentionable incidents other than having to sail back to the harbor for a forgotten mobile once in a while.

Siri white speedboat company, together with the closely related Laem Sok Group Speedboats, own and / or care for a great number of speedboats, which allow us to carry nearly any size of group from the mainland to Ko Kood. From groups as little as six persons until groups as large as 60 persons: we have a speedboat to fit your needs. For the daily transfers to Koh Kood we prefer to use the three boats that you can see in the column on the right. Both the smaller two Laem Sok Speed boats as well as the giant 3 engine Siriwhite speedboats are brand new. The Siri White Speed boat is one of the more powerful and larger boats in use to travel to Koh Kut, and we prefer to use it when weather or sea conditions, especially in the area between Koh Chang and Koh Kood, are a bit more rough and / or the number of passengers is larger than average, like on most afternoons in the peak- and some parts of the high-season.

Currently the boat transfers between Trad mainland and Koh Kood run at the following times:

Trat Speedboat <-> Koh Koh Kood time table

Transfer from - to:  Departures:
Siriwhite pier Laem Sok (Trat) to Koh Kood island 10:00
Koh Kood island to Laem Sok (Trat) mainland 13:00

Speedboat fares between Laem Sok & Koh Kood

Speedboat Transfer Rates from - to:  Fare:
Laem Sok (Trat) - > Ko Kood island 600 baht
Ko Kood island - > Laem Sok (Trat) 600 baht

Children under 10 pay 50% less and children under 5 travel free if they remain on a parent's lap during the entire trip to Koh Kut.

If you are traveling without a fixed destination on Ko Kood island, please feel free to ask our captains where it's best to get off at that particular time of the year, but we highly recommend the backpacker to mid-range resorts in the Bang Bao Bay, as from there you will also have easy access to the resorts that are located near the south side of Koh Kut, which are not (yet) serviced by our regular speedboat services.

If you are traveling from Koh Chang to Koh Kood or Koh Mak, please vist the Koh Chang Speedboats website. For boat transfers from the mainland to Koh Mak please visit the Koh Mak Speedboats website